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    isn’t a skill,
    it’s an attitude”

    — Ralph Marston

  • Melba Linda Schertler

    I am an Australian who has lived and worked in the US, UK and Europe.  My major focus concerns effective communication.
    Since 2006 I have combined my passion for communication with my love for horses to inspire and coach people to be the best they can.

    • United Nations, Vienna – Event Management
    • Siemens Management Training – Faculty Member
    • International Business English Ltd., HQ in Ireland, Director & Owner
    • Intercultural Studies, studied at Portland University, OR, USA
    • International Communication Coaching (ICC) Director & Owner
    • NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, ITS London
    • Equine Guided Educator – CA, USA
    • Horse-Alliance, Director & Owner
    • Leadership & Professional Development – Coaching, Training & Workshops
    • Licensed HorseDream Partner, G & K HorseDream GmbH
    • Advisory Board Member of European Association for Horse Assisted Education

    • Coaching for Executive Presence and Boardroom / C-Level presentation competence
    • Intercultural Awareness and Leadership Training
    • Offering unique and powerful leadership and management training by equine-guided experiential programs/coaching
      Why horses?
      Horses model the essential qualities of leadership, namely:
      Trust, respect, authenticity, honesty, intuition, listening, perseverance and a willingness of spirit. Feedback from the horses is immediate, honest and non-judgmental.
      But it’s not about the horse, it’s about people.